Hi! Welcome to The Sustainable Travel Guide. My name is Lotte and I want to help you travel more sustainably. On this website, you’ll find travel stories and routes I’ve taken by train, bike or ferry. For more hand-on tips about sustainable travelling, I suggest you follow my Instagram page: @the.sustainable.travel.guide

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About me

I currently live in England with my partner Daniel after spending 25 years in The Netherlands, where I was born and raised. For a few years during my studies at university, I did a lot of rowing. At some point, I bought a โ‚ฌ200,- road bike as a form of ‘alternative training’. Little did I know I would become a bikepacking enthusiast few years later. For me, bikepacking is the ultimate way of travelling, as you get to see so much more and stay fit at the same time. Combined with my love for nature, cycling ultimately led me to become an advocate for sustainable travelling. As flying to another country is still the default mode of travelling for most people, I hope to show you that other ways of travelling can be just as fun – or even better!